A downloadable game for Windows

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This is just a small demo that is used for the Kickstarter! This is just a prototype/proof of concept! It does not represent the final project, things are likely to change!

Z/A is select/action button
X/B is Cancel/Run
C/Y is Menu
M is Map
F is talking to yagiko


See the world through the eyes of Jiro and Yagiko as they travel the globe in search of Soul Lamps, treasures from a different dimension
which house the souls of powerful and restless spirits. Talk, fight and battle your way to your goal!

The world of Blue Omen takes place in a bizarre and alternate version of the Earth we live on. Traverse the wild and dusty plains 
of Pepper Gulch, the tropical and lazy region of La Pala, the futuristic yet rustic lands of Ranza and many more  
and dangerous locations!

Make sure to check out the READ ME file!


Blue Omen Operation KSDEMO.zip 58 MB